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Cosigner / indemnitor pays the Bail Bondsman a non-refundable fee and contracts with a Bail Bondsman to post bail for the defendant.

By contracting with a Bail Bondsman, the cosigner / indemnitor guarantees the amount of the bond and agrees to reimburse the Bondsman any additional fees and expenses if the defendant fails to abide by the terms of the Bond Agreement.  The value of the bond is secured by the cosigner / indemnitor’s creditworthiness and or collateral.

A cosigner’s / indemnitor’s obligation and guarantee of the bond terminates when the bond has been released by the court, a certified copy of the release has been furnished to the Bondsman, and all outstanding fees due the Bondsman have been paid.

According to Colorado Revised Statute, 10-2-707, the cosigner’s / indemnitor’s collateral may be used to secure the following obligations:

Compliance with the bond issued on behalf of the defendant (which may include costs associated with recovering the defendant should the defendant fail to appear for any court appearance associated with this bond if the court revokes the defendant’s bond);

Any balance due on the premium, commission, or fee for the bond; and

Any related costs incurred by the agent as a result of issuing the bond.